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Cannabis is psychoactive substances obtained from cannabis sativa or Indian Hemp, they are the oldest euphoriants. Also called, marijuana, these substances do not usually result in physical dependence, but leads to passivity, apathy, and inertia.

Acute diverse effects include transient panic reactions and toxic psychoses. The panic reactions are characterized by anxiety, helplessness, loss of control and may be accompanied by florid paranoid thoughts and hallucinations.

The toxic psychoses are characterized by sudden onset of confusion and visual hallucinations. Even at lower doses, cannabis products can precipitate functional psychoses in vulnerable individuals. The acute physical manifestations of short-term cannabis abuse are conjunctival suffusion and tachycardia.

The dried cannabis flowers are usually smoked as a reefer or joint. They can, however, be eaten in food or taken as tea. The active ingredient is tetrahydrocannibol. Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug.

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