About Us

Crowned Hemp is helping the world understand cannabis and all the wonderful things it has to offer by providing educational cannabis articles, cannabis terminology, and health benefits. Our mission is to help end the stigma surrounding cannabis

Cannabis unfortunately gets a bad name simply because lack of knowledge, ignorance, and bias. This stigma comes from decades of strict laws, more conflicting information available than actual facts, and lack of knowledge about the real complexities of issues at hand. Being open to dialogue about this natural remedy is crucial for truly comprehensive health benefits. 

If you’re skeptical about cannabis, it’s totally understandable. In fact, we applaud you and thank you for taking the time to visit our site, research and educate yourself about cannabis. Let’s face it, skepticism alone doesn’t get us anywhere unless we add in a little open-mindedness. You may be suspicious and confused because of all the cannabis and CBD hype being thrown around recently and all their endless health benefits they offer. Sometimes it’s difficult to find accurate information about CBD written by others who aren’t also trying to sell it to you. When topics are overwhelming and complex, sometimes it’s easier to simply start with what you already know is wrong before you turn “facts” that might not be accurate. 

Whatever reason you may have, always remember the first step is to learn more. And that’s where Crowned Hemp comes in. We’re striving for a better world through the use of cannabis

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